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SAS shoes are recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic specialists. Many of our customers find relief from a variety of foot related problems including hammertoe, arch and heel pain. SAS Shoes variety in width and sizing allows for the comfortable fit of orthotics to relieve foot pain and associated back pain in most shoes.  A number of SAS Shoes can qualify for Medicare claims for both Men and Women.

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Each SAS shoe is handmade in the USA by skilled craftsmen. The quality craftsmanship means that your shoes will take care of your feet and last for the long haul. Our feet carry us for miles a day and thousands of miles over our lifetimes, treat your feet with the care and comfort they deserve in an SAS shoe. Your feet change over your lifetime, not just while you are young, we recommend coming in periodically to be measured by our fitting experts to insure your are making the correct sizing choices for your feet.